Monday, August 21, 2006

Magic House

Nate took a trip to a children's hands-on museum in Kirkwood called The Magic House. He loved the place as you can see. I especially like how he's so comfortable driving the boat that he chooses to do it one handed.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Project Runway?

I watch a lot of tv. I watch a lot of reality tv. I'm bored with reality tv. My wife recently set our dvr to record Project Runway on Bravo. The next day Bravo ran a 6 hour marathon of Project Runway. There are a couple of reasons why I am enjoying this show even though I have no interest in fashion.

One reason is that the "contestants" are actually skilled. They have worked in the industry and proven themselves capable. Unlike contestants on a program such as Big Brother. The only skills those people have are either hotness or annoyingness.

Also the competitions to this point have been legitimate. They are real world tasks. Creating the ballgown for Miss America to wear at the Miss Universe pageant. As a fashion designer that has got to be huge. They are not tasks such as eating pig testicles while treading in a pool of cockroach infested cow's blood surrounded by rabid raccoons. Anyone can do that.

The reward is also worthwhile. Getting startup funds for your own fashion line. That is like teaching a man to fish. Giving a redneck a million bucks is the equivalent of giving a man a fish. A fish that he then uses to buy cocaine and Jet Ski's. Which is not a good combination no matter your location.

I'd like to see more reality shows using this same formula. There are other industries in which I'd like to get an insider's view. Even industries where I have no interest can be made interesting and offer me something other than a waste of time. Show me some artists trying to get a one man show at a big NYC gallery. Show me some dirt track racer's trying to get a shot at NASCAR. Show me some minor league players trying to get a shot at the major's. Show me some people who have worked hard and just need a little luck to get that big break before they give up their dream. That's good television.