Friday, August 01, 2008


I realized that I have neglected to mention on the site that we here at "making of a parent" HQ are expecting another child. It's a girl and is due to arrive at the end of September. I forgot to mention it because as you with children may know there are multiple dates at which time you roll out the news. First the couple finds out and has to keep it to themselves until it is confirmed. Then there are the calls to close friends and family. Later on people like co-workers find out. They are the people you see regularly but that you don't want to tell too soon. At that point you've known for months and the freshness of the news has worn off. You've moved on to things like names and color schemes for the nursery. Both of which have been chosen at this point!

It's going to be a busy September and won't be slowing down much afterwards either.