Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Big news. Not THE big news though.

Big, shocking news yesterday from the doctor. The baby is breach! Nobody else had detected this. Our own doctor is on maternity leave (she had a breach baby) so we've seen a different doctor nearly every time we've been in there. There are 5 doctors in the practice and we've seen all five. This was the first visit to see this new doctor. She herself is pregnant too.

Thursday, we are going into the hospital and they are going to try and turn the baby through external manipulation. If they are successful in doing that 2 things can happen. It can spur on labor or nothing. If they turn the baby they may just send us home and wait until Jen goes into labor. If they are unsuccessful in turning the baby they will do a C-section immediately. C-sections are common but it is surgery and there are risks. It wouldn't be ideal.

It is odd to have a due date (tomorrow! my birthday! and possibly my son's birthday!). We had gotten so used to the idea of Jen being a week or two late that it didn't occur to me that we could have the baby on the actual due date. A date that was named by the doctors many moons ago.

There is so much to do in one day. I've got to charge the camera, pack a bag, wrap up things with the new house, schedule subcontractors, make sure the old house is ready to show realtors and clients, and about 450 small things. Jeez Louise.

Name: It looks like we are going with Samuel. It's kind of a last minute entry. Jen abbreviates or nicknames everyone. Samuel works as Sam for a grown up and Sammy for a baby. Our other favorite name is Nathan. Nathan works as Nate but not Nathy or Natey. Always was a problem. I thought of Samuel when I was looking up the name of my favorite blues musician. He went by the name Lightnin' Hopkins and it never really occured to me that he had another name. I looked it up and found out that his name was Sam Hopkins. Also Sam Cooke is one of my favorite Soul singers (#2 after Otis Redding and Otis just wasn't going to fly). So Sam seemed like a legitimate contender. We'll see. Jen says she wants to see him first. We could come home with a Woody or Mikey Jr. or who knows what. It could all go down tomorrow by 8:30am though.

Music: Loving the new Calexico/Iron & Wine album. Also putting in some time with the Fruit Bats "Spelled in Bones".

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