Friday, June 22, 2007

Exploratory demolition

While I'm waiting for permits and drawings and bank loans, etc. I can't help but poke around my building and see what I'm going to be dealing with. Last week I was removing a drop ceiling and decided to pull down some drywall attached to a brick wall. This wall was once an exterior wall and then an addition went up and used the exterior wall as it's eastern interior wall. Underneath I found a very well preserved advertising sign painted on the side of the building for the Mercantile Bank and Trust. It was one of the most exciting finds I've ever had.
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It's Lisa, y'all said...

I think this find is just the coolest thing ever. I've always suspected that I would totally love demolition, but the possibility of finding something cool underneath makes it even sweeter!

Have you ever found money in the walls of a building you demo'd? People down here are always talking about all these older folks who would hide money in the walls of their farm houses. Just thought I would ask...

SeƱorita Puri said...

Wow, cool! don't throw it down, keep it. It's a really, really nice find!

kisses from spain, Puri