Thursday, March 09, 2006


I have a few quirks. I don't think I'm in need of medication, but there are a couple of things that seem fairly unique about me. One of those things is that I notice Michigan license plates. I moved from Michigan to STL in October of 2001, but I still spot Michigan plates on cars from a mile away. I saw 4 today. 1 this afternoon and 3 within 10 minutes this evening. Somebody tell me the connection. It's not like it's a State that Borders Missouri. In the summer I see many Michigan plates on I-44 going east and west. Usually older people with an RV going to Branson. But who are the others? What are you doing in my neighborhood? Students? At SLU or Wash U? Is there a big recruiting element that travels north and brings us Michiganders down here? I want to chat with each one and find out their story. Now that behavior would require medication.


It's Lisa, y'all said...

I notice plates from Michigan, Pennsylvania (that's where I am from originally), and Virginia (where my sister lives and where I wanted to move to for a while).

Since I am not a Michigander by birth, I generally have no interest in talking to Michiganders. They always want to talk about how great Michigan is and I was thrilled to move away from that state so I just can't share their enthusiasm.

I like to talk to Penn'ers, but it's such a large state that I never seem to know where their home towns are located which makes me look like a total poser Penn'er. I just never traveled around the state very much and there are a lot of really small towns.

I never talk to Virginians because I know virtually nothing about their state and can't really have much of a conversation about it.

What would be helpful is if all states put the county on their plates like TN does. That way, if you saw a Michigan plate from Washtenaw County or Livingston County, you could know that you'd probably have something in common with the people in the car. If it was from Chippewa County or Midland County, you could just avoid them because you have nothing in common.

I know that my awareness of license plates stems from cross-country family vacations we would go on where we would try to see plates from every state. Alaska and Hawaii are plates I still get excited about seeing as a result of that early training.

Anonymous said...

Always assuming the worst in people, I have noticed a good number of out-of-state plates are those avoiding MO's property tax. I know it to be true in a few cases and handily extrapolate that to everyone else. :)