Friday, May 26, 2006

backlash backlash

I'm getting sick of the politically correct backlash. More and more I'm hearing people on tv and radio say things like "It was so much easier when you didn't have to watch what you say so carefully." Or "Watch out for the PC police." Inevitably the people saying this are white men. Of course it was easier when you didn't have to worry about offending women or minorities. Keep up with the times gentlemen or get run over by them and become irrelevent.


Anonymous said...

Yeah--exactly what is it that you're just itching to say, but can't because of political correctness? The N word?

What's interesting to me about this backlash is that I think it actually goes far beyond white men, and beyond the bounds of political labels. PC is so widely accepted as a generic scapegoat that it's used by a tremendous range of people. Predominantly white men, I'd guess, but still a very wide range. Maybe it's time to create the PC backlash backlash. But it can't use the term "PC."

You should engage my father-in-law on this subject this weekend.

xian said...

I first heard the initials PC spoken fiercely at Duffs in the CWE, circa late 70's and immediately understood that it meant politically correct. Heard this from a hippie feminist who was no sister 'o mine, cause it smacks of fascism, natch. Of course I blame the Patriarchy for her rigid thinking. Worse, I blame the women's movement for the death of common curtesy: men holding doors open, etc., while the major issues flew by unadvised. I give props to the Movement for influencing my political theory and hope (even though hope is for sucka's) that most intelligent life forms realize that the goal of feminism is just this: Everyone benefits.