Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Headlines

I haven't posted in awhile. I was thinking that I didn't have anything to post but it turns out I have too many topics. I think I'll try and hit the highlights and get it all out of my system at one time:
Terry Schaivo - Tragic. (FYI: Remove my tube. Let it be written, so let it be done.)
The Pope - Quite a run that guy had.
Bush - How about creating a culture of peace? If the facts are in doubt don't go to war.
NCAA Final Four - New rule: Don't criticize the city if you don't live in it.
Baby - Ultrasound performed. Everything is looking good!
Rehab - Tuckpointers are still evasive, but I've got some contractors lined up. Final plans are in. I've got a shopping list for the lumberyard. The weather is better. All is good.
Music - Favorite song right now is "When I Go Deaf" by Low. The exploding crunchy guitars near the end remind me of early Uncle Tupelo.

OK, now that I have that out of my system I think I can move forward and blog with the rest of you.

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It's Lisa, y'all said...

I have thought about starting a blog because I'm a fast typer who loves posting things and I like the blog format a lot, but I feel that I really don't want anyone else reading stuff. It's ironic. I will tell people almost anything in person, but I don't like writing for public consumption. It seems to permanent. Also, I have decided that I have too many distractions in my life already and I fear that blogging would be one more. Or maybe it would be the ultimate distration! I do indeed love the idea of documenting life in some way. I have a bad memory too. Is this way too long of a comment? I'm thinking it is. This is a like a blog within a blog.