Friday, April 08, 2005

When do you know it all?

Do you ever feel like you know just enough to know that you don't know enough? I feel like that with just about everything in my life. I was doing some research about silk screened rock posters at today. They have this forum that a lot of really talented artists are on all day long. I just sat back and watched them rip less knowledgable people apart for no reason other than to entertain themselves. I'm not sure if it's because it's over the internet and therefore impersonal or if they just lack tact. I knew enough to know that I shouldn't be posting any questions over there.

Music is the same way with me. People who don't know anything about contemporary music may mistake me for someone who is knowledgeable. I know enough to know that there are people much more knowledgeable and in those circles I am just setting myself up for embarrassment by talking about music. For example who's Channel 3? I've never been a punk rocker but I thought I knew most of the influential bands. Now I learn about this 80's punk rock band Channel 3 that seems to be influencing everyone from Beck to Queens of the Stone Age. Every time I turn around it's something else.

Rehabbing is the same. Just when I start to feel comfortable someone comes along and makes me feel pathetic because I didn't realize there was a whole other level of complexity.

It must be satisfying being an expert at one thing. Knowing that there isn't anybody in the world who can tell you something you don't already know on a given subject. On the other hand those people are probably really boring to be around. So let's R-a-w-k!


Joe Tank said...

Congrats to you and Jen! I still need to see your new project sometime.

Lonely in Howell said...

I’ve long complained that the Internet stresses me out for the very reason you’re alluding to here…there is no reason that a decently educated computer user should not be well-informed and able to do anything. Want to grow a garden? There’s information a-plenty out there…want to go organic? No problem. Need to swap out a transmission from a 68’ Gremlin? YOU CAN DO IT! The information for ANYTHING is floating around and if you don’t know how to tap into it that’s YOUR problem. The collective weight of the entire world’s knowledge rests squarely on your shoulders.