Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We're having a baby...and nobody knows it yet.

I haven't really read any blogs before but I think this will work best if I keep it short but do many postings rather than just a few lenghthy ones.

Baby: We're having a baby. Nobody knows and the secret is eating me alive. It's not a total surprise. It was an intentional act, but I didn't know it would WORK?! I'm going to be a Father!! Exclamation points don't really do that sentence justice. They need an atomic bomb icon to follow that sentence to convey the enormity of it.

We're not kids. We are both in our mid-30's, but that doesn't really mean that we are more prepared. Am I going to be like the parents on "Supernanny" that fail miserably in every way even with the best of intentions? Man I have a lot of worrying to do in the next 30 years. I hope I can fit it all in.

Music: Stacy F. turned me onto the library as a source of free books and music. Don't know why I hadn't thought of it. There is a beautiful one right down the street. You can go online and have stuff transferred there from all over the city. I just read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and am listening to Begger's Banquet and Goat's Head Soup by the Rolling Stones and they didn't cost me a thing! OK, well technically taxes helped pay for it.

Rehab: I'm doing demo. Heading into my 3rd month of demo. Doing it all by my lonesome. Hauling 2 buckets of plaster at a time out to the dumpster. I'm on my 4th dumpster. I really do enjoy this kind of stuff. I'm my own boss. I do all of the planning, labor and marketing of my work. But sometime into your 3rd month of demolition it starts to get a little old. And I've got a baby to start planning for!

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