Wednesday, February 09, 2005

When I grow up I want a baby

Baby: Are we going to have a baby? There are no visible signs. Maybe I dreampt it. I'll have to call Jen and see if we really are expecting.

Yep, she confirmed it. She's pregnant. Holy carp! (I can't say crap I'm going to be a father.)

Music: "When I grow up I want a baby. I'm gonna name it after Ralph Stanley. And I sure won't mind if it cries all night. Just as long as it looks like me." - from Kasey Chambers song Pony from her album Wayward Angel

Rehab: Decided last night to take out the rear staircase. I kept the rear staircase in our house and love it, but I was able to open it up to the second floor. This one is different. I'll probably remove the walls around it today and leave the stairs for my parents to take out. They're coming to visit in a couple of weeks and want to work on the house. Boy do they have a surprise in store for them when they get here! Removing the back staircase! Oh yeah and finding out that they'll have a new grandbaby in Rocktober.

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