Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Alternative to Love

Music: Could I be any more excited about the new Brendan Benson album? Alternative to Love comes out March 22nd. The song "Alternative to Love" first appeared on the Metarie single. Brendan must have liked it more than he originally thought to rerecord it and make it the title track to his new album. The only other album I may be anticipating more in 2005 is the Jack White/Brendan Benson album they've been working on slowly over the past year. While I'm waiting I'm going to keep on listening to Ben Kweller On My Way and hope that time flies. Also on March 22nd the new Vic Chesnutt album and the Gram Parsons tribute DVD are being released.

Baby: We have our first visit to the baby doc on Thursday. I believe we get an ultrasound done at that time. I think it'll feel more real after that. I'm pretty nervous.

Rehab: I'm getting very tired of demolition. I am 97% done, but the last 3% seems to drag on forever. Gutting the bathrooms is particularly frustrating. They are small rooms with little space to move around and have a cast iron tub in the middle of them that I am unable to move myself.

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