Monday, March 28, 2005


Magazines: I have 2 problems with magazines. 1) I like too many of them and buy multiples constantly. 2) I don't love any of them and cannot find the one that really appeals to me. I'd like to find a men's magazine without bikini babes on the cover (Maxim) or guys with rock hard abs (Men's Health). Most of the magazines are filled with articles about very expensive 007 gadgets (all tech magazines), how to get super abs in 7 days (Men's Fitness) and ultimate sports cars (Car and Driver). What I'd like to find is a magazine like the women's magazine Bust. It's a non glossy mag with an interesting, non-judgemental, inclusive perspective that covers a wide array of topics. I want a magazine that covers the music and movies that I'd be interested in without devoting a lot of space to video gaming or what fashion experts recommend for Wall Street tycoons (GQ). Give me a magazine that is cool but not so hip as to make me feel like a loser. Give me a magazine that matches my lifestyle. Is that too much to ask? Can you make that happen for me?

Here's a theoretical table of contents:
p 11 How to get motivated to finally finish that project you started ages ago
p 17 Really great shoes available at your local mall that you can afford
p 23 Great bands you haven't heard of that are just like all of the other bands you love
p 30 Super cool movies coming to your town and NOT just NY and LA
p 47 Electronic gadgets that will not only change your life but you can afford
p 53 Babes we love (these would just be different babes than FHM, etc.)
p 61 How to get a 2nd date even though your first impression was terrible
p 67 Ways to offload all your work and still make friends and get promoted
p 72 The right way to tie bandanas with Wille Nelson
p 77 Careers that take no prior knowledge, pay well and nobody else will think of

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It's Lisa, y'all said...

Yes, I would subscribe to this magazine!