Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Spoilers

Baby: We went to see the OBGYN together for the first time this morning. She is really cool. Her heels and pearls kind of threw me off at first. 8:30am is a little early to be dressed like that, but I liked her a lot. There wasn't much to do but confirm that we are in fact expecting. When we were leaving she asked if we wanted to see the baby on the ultrasound. Her next patients hadn't arrived and the ultrasound room was empty. Jen is only 9 weeks along and they don't usually do that until like 12 weeks. We said "Sure!". It was crazy. I've only seen ultrasounds on tv or screen captures and could never tell what they were actually pictures of. When you see one in person though it's much easier. There is only one thing on screen moving and that's your BABY. We could see the heart beating, and the doctor pointed out little limb nubs that will turn into arms and legs and she pointed out eye sockets and a nasal bone. She pointed to a part and said to picture a little skeletal face here. That kind of freaked me out. A baby skeleton face sounds like a nightmare. Like some Casper the friendly skeleton. It was a really special thing to experience though. To see a heart beating was very emotional. It was very reassuring to hear that everything is going as planned and that we aren't expecting multiples or anything. That's a headache I would not be prepared for at this time.

Music: I occasionally think of band names that I would use if I could. Some pairing of words that just sounds right. Any time that I spend thinking about this is wasted time. I'm 36 and don't play an instrument or sing. It's ridiculous for me to make mental notes of future band names. Anyway I thought of the name The Spoilers. In sports a spoiler is a team that has nothing to win but dignity and nothing to lose but pride and they usually win in the end using grit and determination. I like that idea. A bunch of losers taking down the big guys with nothing in particular to gain.

In media a spoiler is when someone gives you information that could ruin a surprise ending. They'll hopefully put SPOILER ALERT before they give you that information. I've never been able to look away when I see spoiler alert. My eye is drawn to it. Maybe if we find out the sex of our baby I'll put in SPOILER ALERT and you see if you can look away. Now I just have to decide if it will be "the Spoilers" or just "Spoilers". Good thing I have some time to decide.

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