Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bald Men Unite

Bald: I started clipping my hair in a close cropped fashion 10 years ago. I started shaving it completely around 3 or 4 years ago. My wife has never known me with anything but stubble and has never given it much thought. With me in her life however she has started to notice the constant badmouthing bald men get. People are always giving hypothetical descriptions of undesirable men as "fat and balding". It is like a generic slam that seems to go unchallenged in much the same way people take it for granted that Polish people are stupid (I also am 50% Polish and am sensitive to that as well).

I am hyper sensitive especially towards bald men in the media. When a bald guy has to don a rug to play a role it makes you wonder...why couldn't that character just be bald? What makes it so important that he has an obviously fake hairline. To do my part I'd like to occasionally point out my favorite and least favorite bald guys in the media.
In order to be a favorite you must be proud of your baldness. That can include making absolutely no mention of it but just appearing bald in public. In order to be a least favorite bald guy you have to be bald and always try to hide it either by wearing a toupe or trying to deny it in some way. The rules are flexible in that someone can appear on both lists. Bruce Willis can make the favorite list for Unbreakable and make the least favorite list for The Whole Ten Yards.

Current Favorite Bald Guy: David Cross - Stand up comic and comedic actor David Cross rarely hides his baldness with the exception of wearing ridiculous wigs for comedic effect. He is as cool as he is funny and I like his politics.
Current Least Favorite Bald Guy: Vin Diesel - Vin is a surprise winner because he almost always appears in public bald. He never hides it with hats or anything. Recently though it has been brought to my attention that he doesn't talk about his hair situation. It is a topic that is off limits. Who does he think he's fooling? I also saw a preview of his new movie Find Me Guilty and he wears a horrible looking hairpiece that may be enough to put him on the wrong side of this list forever. He asked for it so I will Find Him Guilty!

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